Insider guide to London: Anabel Kingsley

Anabel Kingsley outside Selfridges - - picture by Jessy Boon Cowler
Anabel Kingsley outside Selfridges – picture by Jessy Boon Cowler

This week’s city guide is a central London girl through-and-through. Anabel lives in the heart of the west end, just a stones throw away from the best haircare joint in town – the Philip Kingsley Clinic in Green Street founded by her father.

As well as overseeing all the communications for the Philip Kingsley brand, multiple appearances on QVC and running one of the best Pinterest profiles we’ve seen, Anabel is on her way to becoming a fully qualified trichologist – what she doesn’t know about hair probably isn’t worth knowing.

But she’s also one of the kindest and most generous people we’ve met and a total sugar fiend – her flat is always fully stocked with a full range of jelly beans and meringues from Selfridges food hall.

Anabel Kingsley - - picture by Jessy Boon Cowler
Anabel Kingsley – picture by Jessy Boon Cowler
Morito, Exmouth Market
Morito, Exmouth Market – picture courtesy of Morito

Best place for a quick dinner: Morito in Exmouth MarketWhile there are many lovely restaurants down this enchanting cobbled road, Morito is my favourite. A teeny tiny Spanish tapas place that serves wine in small tumbler glasses and brings food out to you as it’s cooked. All really delicious and fast. I recommend the spiced lamb with aubergine, yoghurt & toasted pine nuts.

Scott's restaurant, London
Inside Scott’s – picture courtesy of Caprice Holdings

My favourite place for a fancy dinner:  Scott’s. I’ve been going here with my dad ever since I can remember, but it’s always such a treat. They have the friendliest doorman in London (Hi Sean!), creative cocktails and amazing fish – in fact the most delectable Dover Sole I’ve ever tasted. You can get it plain grilled or meunière if you’re feeling naughty. Desserts are also a winner (think classic English crumbles, honeycomb ice-cream, concaving chocolate ice-cream bombes and sticky toffee pudding). And they ALWAYS give you extra chocolate sauce – a real plus in my books. Oh, and bring yer opera binoculars; it’s also a fab place for people watching.

Anabel Kingsley - - picture by Jessy Boon Cowler
Anabel Kingsley in front of Selfridges – picture by Jessy Boon Cowler

The best place to buy baked goods: Selfridges. I am going to risk sounding like a sweet snob here (which, actually I am), because I promise you’ll thank me. 3 words: Selfridges. Baked. Goods. Well, one very good in particular – their GIANT meringues (like, as big as my head). So gooey in the middle and they come in delectable flavours of chocolate, raspberry and pistachio! Perfect sugar hit. Crumble over ice cream or fruit for an impressive, yet easy dinner party dessert.

My favourite place to buy clothes: Claudie Pierlot. A super cute French label that does everything from quirky work shirts to every-day dresses and comfy, oversized sweaters. Nothing is uber fancy, but each design has a slight twist to it, making purchases of office attire feel worth-while and adaptable! If you like chunky brogues and ankle boots with oomph this is also a fab place to browse.

Barbican Conservatory © Lee Mawdsley
The Barbican Conservatory © Lee Mawdsley courtesy of The Barbican

My favourite place to just amble around aimlessly: The rooftop Conservatory at the Barbican! The atmosphere is very tranquil and allows you to get lost in your own thoughts and become oblivious to the hustle and bustle of London. It’s real ‘soul food’ looking at the different plants & flowers and pottering over the tiny bridges, staring at the fish glub and glide below. It always make me feel a bit like Ferdinand (the bull, not the footballer. If you want the latter I suggest Loulou’s, Hertford St). What’s more, it’s warm at any time of the year.

Ed’s note – the team from Scott’s sent us some pictures of their incredible food and we couldn’t resist sharing this one!
Scott's Cru Virunga chocolate pudding soufflé with banana ice cream and plantain crisp
Scott’s Cru Virunga chocolate pudding soufflé with banana ice cream and plantain crisp

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